Sheffield refunds £350,000 of fines

11 June 2006

  • Tram lane warnings declared insufficient
  • Council leader says common sense must prevail
  • Follows call from Department of Transport

Thousands of motorists who were fined £30 for using tram lanes in Sheffield are to get their money back from the city council. It is thought the move will cost the authority up to £350,000.

Council leader Paul Scriven told the BBC: 'I want common sense to prevail here. An independent adjudicator has reviewed seven appeals and felt that the signs may not be as clear as they could be.

'The adjudicator did not say that the council should refund all fines, but I want to be fair and give motorists the chance to get their money back.'

He said affected drivers should write to or e-mail the council to claim their money back. The move follows calls from the Department of Transport last month for councils to 'seriously consider' repayment of illegal fines.

The council said it was now working to improve the warning signs and markings on the road.

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