Shell V-Power replaces Optimax in UK

30 August 2006

  • 99 RON petrol is Shell's new premium fuel
  • Shell claims fuel improves power and performance
  • On sale nationwide now


Shell has launched a new performance fuel to replace its Optimax premium brand.

The new fuel, called V-Power, is on sale now and costs 1p per litre more than the outgoing Optimax – that's 7p per litre more than Shell's standard 95 RON petrol.

Shell claims that V-Power provides your car with more power and responsiveness, and it does it in three ways. A higher octane rating of 99 RON (Optimax was 98 RON) means that the fuel burns more effectively, while additives in the fuel reduce the loss of energy in the engine by reducing friction in the cylinders.

The fuel also contains cleaning agents designed to remove unwanted deposits from your engine. Shell says V-Power can clear years’ worth of build-up in just a few tankfuls.

We’ve seen simulations that illustrate the performance benefits, but we’ve seen no numerical evidence that proves the claims - Shell says that every car responds in a different way to V-Power. However, based on the 55-litre fuel tank of a Ford Focus, V-Power costs £3.85 per tank more than regular fuel, so the improvement needs to be a big one.

Shell seem very confident, though. Optimax enjoyed 40 % of the entire premium fuels market, and Shell expects V-Power to improve on this.

Shell has not yet confirmed whether the V-Power diesel version – already on sale in Europe - will be released in the UK. Watch this space.

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