Spring 2007 launch for Chevrolet Captiva

14 June 2006

  • Delay in building right-hand drive Captiva
  • New 4x4 will be built in Russia
  • Full road test of car on whatcar.com tomorrow

The Captiva won't be launched until early next year

Chevrolet has hit problems building right-hand drive versions of its forthcoming Captiva 4x4, forcing it to delay the car's launch until early next year.

The car will be built at a new factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. The new factory will produce up to 25,000 Captivas in its first year, and will begin producing cars in 2008. The new cars will be built at another GM plant until the new factory can begin production.

The new Captiva will be available as either a five- or seven-seater, and is based on the same platform as the forthcoming new Vauxhall Antara - which will also be delayed for the same reasons.

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