Super-Merc SLR loses its head

04 May 2007

  • SLR McLaren Roadster on sale this September
  • Cloth top accelerates from 0-62mph in 3.8sec
  • Top speed of 206mph and likely price of around £350k

SLR cabrio - EMBARGO 04/05/2007 09:00

Mercedes will add a new convertible to its stable this September with the arrival of the SLR McLaren Roadster.

Likely to cost from around £350,000, the drop top joins the SLR coupe which went on sale in 2004.

Unlike the metal-roofed SLK and SL, the SLR uses a fabric roof that, once unlatched, folds away electrically in less than 10 seconds.

It takes well under half that time to accelerate from 0-62mph, the 5.4-litre 617bhp supercharged V8 bringing the car to the benchmark in just 3.8sec.

Top speed is claimed to be as high as the coupe version of the car at 206mph, while Mercedes says conversation is still possible at well over 125mph thanks to the 'favourable aeroacoustics'.

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