Transport minister's congestion plans

02 August 2007

New transport minister Rosie Winterton has begun an investigation into how public transport and congestion problems are dealt with across the country.

Winterton is touring major cities as she assesses the potential impact of the Government's draft Local Transport Bill.

The proposals, which were published in May 2007, would give local councils more power to restructure how local transport operates within individual communities.

The Bill, which still needs the approval of Parliament, aims to improve bus services, co-ordinate public transport services and introduce local road-pricing schemes to reduce congestion.

Winterton, who began her tour in Sheffield, said: 'The Local Transport Bill will cut congestion and improve public transport, particularly in our major cities. The Bill sets out proposals to restructure how transport improvements are delivered at a local level.

'The role of councils and local transport providers in this is key and that's why it is essential we consult with cities like Sheffield before the Bill is finalised.'

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