TVR identifies new factory site

19 April 2006

  • New TVR factory will produce 20 cars a week
  • Tamora will end but Sagaris and Tuscan continue
  • TVR has long-term plans for 100 cars a week

TVR will move to a new factory soon, but production of Tamoras like this one will end

TVR's new factory will be barely five miles from its old one in Blackpool.

The company will move into a former Lancaster bomber factory on the perimeter of Blackpool airport in August.

Owner Nikolai Smolenski also plans to open a new company HQ and design centre 40 miles away, near Lancaster University.

Initially, 10 cars a week will roll off the line at the new plant by the end of the year, moving to 20 cars as soon as possible.

The existing Sagaris and Tuscan will continue, but the entry-level Tamora will be killed off. A new Cerbera could be launched later if a suitable V8 engine can be found to power it.

Smolenski's longer-term plan is to build around 100 cars a week, a goal which will require a further move to bigger production facilities 'within the area'.

TVR had considered moving further afield, even to foreign locations, but decided it could not afford to lose its skilled Lancashire workforce.

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