Two new drop-tops from Mercedes

20 March 2007

  • £320,000 SLR convertible may arrive in summer
  • New CL convertible due next year from £75,000
  • Our computer-generated images show each

Mercedes CL convertible

Production of Mercedes newest drop-tops, the CL and SLR convertibles, is not too far off now - and our computer-generated images show what they're likely to look like.

The SLR is tipped by many to arrive this summer, with a price tag somewhere above £320,000. The car first appeared as a concept car seven years ago, though, so don't be too disappointed with us if you break open you piggy bank and it doesn't arrive this year.

The convertible CL is a more affordable way to dry your hair, but you'll still need at least £75,000 to park one on your driveway. It could make its first appearance at the LA Motor Show in November and is highly likely to on sale next year.

Mercedes recently unveiled a four-door convertible at the Detroit Motor Show built on the same platform as the CL, but insiders say this won't ever be pushed into production.

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