Video news from Geneva

06 March 2007

  • All the important cars on video
  • Feature updated all the time
  • Keep coming back here for more


Welcome to the Geneva Motor Show! If you can't be here, we've got the next best thing - illuminating video coverage of all the important cars.

We're live here in Geneva and you'll be treated to video footage from all the major stands - just keep coming back to as we'll update this feature all the time.

To view the videos, just choose your media player from the links we've provided, then sit back and enjoy.

Audi A5 on Windows Media
Audi A5 on RealOne Player

BMW on Windows Media
BMW on RealOne Player

Dodge on Windows Media
Dodge on RealOne Player

Ford on Windows Media
Ford on RealOne Player

Honda on Windows Media
Honda on RealOne Player

Hyundai i30
Hyundai i30 on Windows Media
Hyundai i30 on RealOne Player

Kia on Windows Media
Kia on RealOne Player

Maserati on Windows Media
Maserati on RealOne Player

Mazda on Windows Media
Mazda on RealOne Player

Mercedes C-Class
Mercedes C-class on Windows Media
Mercedes C-class on RealOne Player

Nissan on Windows Media
Nissan on RealOne Player

Peugeot on Windows Media
Peugeot on RealOne Player

Renault on Windows Media
Renault on RealOne Player

Skoda Fabia
Skoda Fabia on Windows Media
Skoda Fabia on RealOne Player

Volvo on Windows Media
Volvo on RealOne Player

4x4s at Geneva
4x4s at Geneva on Windows Media
4x4s at Geneva on RealOne Player

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