VW shows off Concept A

17 February 2006

  • VW concept car is sports coupe/4x4 crossover
  • Gives first clues to look of new Golf-based 4x4
  • 'Cheetah' nose indicates future VW designs


These are the first pictures of Volkswagen's Concept A, a 4x4/sports coupe cross, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

VW says this concept hints at future designs and reckons you'll recognise the front of the car – it looks like the face of a cheetah, according to VW.

The Concept A could give us the first taster of the Golf-based 4x4 VW has had in development for some time.

Originally, the smaller brother to the Touareg was due to be launched this year, but its arrival has been pushed back until 2007.

The Concept A is powered by a 147bhp 'Twincharger' unit (which uses turbocharger and supercharger technology) coupled to a six-speed gearbox. However, VW turbodiesels and the FSI turbo from the Golf GTI could also be used. All will have four-wheel-drive and 20-inch wheels.

The rear doors are hinged at the back, and inside there are four bucket seats. Whatcar.com will be taking a close look at the Concept A at the Geneva Motor Show, so come back on February 28 for photos and videos of the car.

The smaller 4x4 is part of a 'torrent' of new niche models, according to Volkswagen, which will also include coupes and roadsters.

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