You say: B-roads are the most dangerous

03 July 2007

Last week, the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) said Britain's most dangerous road was the A682 between Lancashire and Yorkshire, so we asked you which roads you thought were the most dangerous.

You said you thought B-roads were the worst - 54% of you felt you were most at risk of an accident on these roads.

Almost a third of you thought A-roads were the most risky to travel on, while only 9% of you said motorways were dangerous.

Your thoughts
Here's what some of you said about Britain's most dangerous roads:

'I live in Rochdale. I'm a biker and have used most of the roads that begin with A6xxx in and around the county.

I can only assume it has to be the drivers or riders that make them dangerous - roads don't kill, trees don't move, but how many cars hit them!'
Ernie Moore, Rochdale

'I actually use three of the roads named by EuroRAP: one, the A671 very regularly and the other two the A682 and the A683 several times per year.

'I was surprised to see the A671 in the list, since I do not consider it to be a particularly poor road, and must conclude that it is a problem with the drivers rather than the road.

'The only point I might make about the road is that it is slightly too wide in places, meaning that drivers are tempted to overtake in places where it is unwise so to do. In other words, they try to create a third centre lane.

'The A682 is a road used by motorcycles travelling to a meeting place at Kirkby Lonsdale, some at very high speeds. During the week it carries a lot of heavy traffic moving stone from the quarries around Settle and Ingleton.

'Most of the hauliers involved pay their drivers a percentage of vehicle earnings, thereby encouraging them to travel at high speed in order to get in an extra load and therefore they both make more money.

'When the motorbikes and lorries meet, it's carnage. This practise is, at best, a grey area under drivers' hours regulations. I am not anti-truck - in fact I hold an LGV C+E licence, which I do still occasionally use.

'The A683, is also a motorcycle route to Kirkby Lonsdale, but generally suffers from poor sightlines, adverse cambers and a few very narrow stretches. Basically it needs considerable improvement to bring it up to modern standards.'
Andrew Duckett, Clitheroe, Lancashire

'I think it's most interesting to note that every one of these roads is north of Birmingham.

'This is unlikely to be anything to do with differing driving standards, but probably shows that road funding is heavily skewed towards the key southern and London commuting routes.

'Either that, or we're all so gridlocked down south that we can never get up enough speed to have a crash!'
Simon Bradley, Milton Keynes

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