Sports car

The way a sports car fits into your life is just as important as offering a precise, exciting driving experience. When the sun's out and the roads are right, practicalities such as the ease of getting in and out and rear visibility are pushed to the back of the mind. Come the drizzly morning commute, they suddenly seem more important. Sports cars need to make financial sense, too. They're often bought by those with spare cash, but no one likes throwing their money away.

Ford fiesta winner
Key facts
0-60mph 5.8sec
Top speed 164mph
Fuel economy 34.4mpg
CO2 emission 192g/km

Porsche Boxster

Best buy less than £50,000

The latest-generation Boxster might cost only half as much as its bigger brother, the 911, but you aren't getting only half the fun.

List price £38,237
Target price £38,237
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Porsche 911
Key facts
0-60mph 4.6sec
Top speed 178mph
Fuel economy 34.4mpg
CO2 emission 194g/km

Porsche 911

Best buy £50,000-£100,000

This is a supercar you can use every day, with a cabin that's well made, comfortable and quiet.

List price £75,800
Target price £75,800
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Audi A1
Key facts
0-60mph 3.1sec
Top speed 207mph
Fuel economy 24.2mpg
CO2 emission 279g/km

McLaren 12C Spider

Best buy more than £100,000

The 12C Spider has some mind-blowing figures attached to it, both big and small. For starters its £195,000 price puts it up against some seriously strong, often Italian, supercar competition.

List price £195,500
Target price £195,500
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