L - Laminated glass

05 June 2006

Laminated glass - A form of glass in which a tough layer of plastic (a laminate) is sealed between two panes. Already used in windscreens for safety, it is now becoming more widely used in side windows, where it has major security benefits. The majority of car crime involves breaking a window, but laminated glass can resist even the most frenzied attack for far longer than standard glass.

Laminated glass can also improve a car's refinement and reduce the amount of sun coming in, keeping the cabin cool. It has safety benefits, too, because it can help prevent occupants being thrown out of a car, and reduce the risk of injury from shattered glass.

There are concerns that the glass could trap an occupant following a crash, although the emergency services prefer to cut someone out rather than shower them with broken glass. So far, laminated glass tends to be the preserve of more pricey cars, but it is available as an aftermarket option. As an alternative, Supaglass bonds a polyester laminate to the inside of your side windows (www.pentagonglasstech.com).


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