Travel cup test - 2nd Brugo Mug

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Easiest drinking

Best price: £14.99 (
Capacity: 450ml
Diameter of base: 65mm

For: Simple to drink from without the risk of spillages; watertight; looks the part
Against: Didn’t perform well in our temperature tests; bulky


Joint worst at keeping our drink hot – two hours after filling the Brugo with boiling water the temperature inside had plunged to 45C. The Brugo is watertight when the dial on the top of the lid is turned to ‘lock’, though.

Ease of operation:

Turn the dial on the top of the Brugo to ‘tip & cool’ and then tilt downwards for a few seconds to move the hot brew from the lower chamber to the ‘temperature control chamber’. Then swill with a ‘brandy motion’ to cool the liquid inside to the ‘ideal’ drinking temperature. If you want to drink straight from the lower chamber, just move the dial position to ‘sip’.


It’s not cheap, but considering the special features, the Brugo makes sense if you plan to drink its contents reasonably quickly.


The plastic case felt sturdy, but the Brugo logo was already wearing off our test cup before we’d even started using it.

Special features:

Its patented PTZ (Perfect Temperature Zone) keeps a small amount of your hot drink in a special chamber, which is designed to lower the heat of each sip to the optimum drinking temperature of 65-75C. The Brugo is available in 11 colours.

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