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Audi Q3 2.0 TDI 140 S line

Week ending August 31
Mileage 3800
Driven this week 300 miles

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As with many cars these days, my Q3 has little indicators on the dash that tell you when to change gear in order to best save fuel.

However, I have found that the Audi is asking me to change up a lot earlier than expected on some occasions.

Mentioning this naturally attracted a couple of gags from colleagues about my heavy right foot and tendency towards uneconomical driving, but there have definitely been a few occasions where the engine has sounded very laboured when I have done as I was told.

It may well be a case of getting used to the system, and picking and choosing when to change a little more carefully, but in any case I can't see myself changing exactly when the Q3 asks me to every time around.


Week ending August 17
Mileage 3250
Driven this week 305 miles

There are plenty of toys in the Audi Q3, with Bluetooth and a very efficient sat-nav among the highlights.

I've been particularly impressed with the navigation system after the first few weeks with the Q3. Not only does it take full postcodes, making finding obscure photo locations that bit easier, but it also shows almost every road on the map whether you have zoomed in or out, something that other systems fail to do.

My only immediate gripe with the Audi's list of in-car entertainment is the absence of a digital radio. It seems a bit strange in such an otherwise high-tech cabin and I miss the likes of BBC 6 Music so I might have to do something about an aftermarket system.


Week ending August 3
Mileage 2689
Driven this week 485 miles

One of the most expensive options on our Audi Q3 is the panoramic glass roof. At £1100 it is not a box to tick lighlty, but it has already gone a long way to repaying the investment.

It's not as long as some panoramic roofs, which sometimes reach all the way from the front of the cabin to the boot. However, it is long enough to make sure that the rear passengers get at least some sunshine on their heads.

Unlike many of these car-long panoramic roofs, however, the Q3's can be opened. The buffeting that comes from having a roof open can be annoying at motorway speeds, but it’s still nice to let some fresh air in around town.

I’ve found an even bigger bonus to having a larger-than-average sunroof, too. I'm always after the perfect angle for the photos that appear in What Car and on our website, and this occasionally requires a bit of extra height. I can't carry a stepladder everywhere, and don't want to stand on any of the cars, so standing out of a sunroof is often the perfect answer.


Week ending August 3
Mileage 2204
Driven this week 200 miles

As What Car?’s photographer, I've got a lot of equipment to carry around with me, and even the largest of cars can struggle to take it all on some occasions.

A recent trip to the tip was just one occasion, and the seats were dropped in the Q3 to accommodate all the rubbish.

It was well up to the task, but the part of the boot that proved most welcome was the entrance. Although the Audi is part of the stylish SUV set, it is good to see there is still a bit of practicality on offer. The boot entry is nicely lip-free for easy access, and comes complete with a metal plate to protect it from scratches.


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