BMW i3 News

Jun 30, 2014
Our BMW i3 has been sampling public charging spots, and we've been playing with the Mini's settings
Jun 16, 2014
The BMW i3 is scaring a few colleagues in the car park, and the Mini wins more friends
Jun 12, 2014
Running a company car could prove an expensive business, but not if you pick one of these. All of these cars are exempt from benefit-in-kind tax or are in the lowest band.
Jun 9, 2014
The new Mini hatchback is the latest addition to our long-term test fleet, and it's come fully loaded with options and entertainment
May 20, 2014
  •  Eco Pro mode means i3’s brake pedal gets little use
  •  We want i3 to be able to default to Eco Pro in town
  •  We spot a worrying problem with Civic Tourer seat belt
May 12, 2014
  • BMW i3 range extender
  • Laurus Grey with Interior Loft
  • Run by Director of Testing John McIlroy
May 3, 2014

Both the BMW i3 and Vauxhall Ampera are able to handle real-world commutes on one charge, but which is best to drive and easiest to live with?

Apr 29, 2014
  •  Government confirms £200m of funding
  •  £5000 grant could continue until at least 2017
  •  Money also allocated for rapid charging network