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  • New Ford Ka
  • Honda Jazz revealed
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Welcome to our weekly round-up of the best new stories from the week.

New superminis
This week, we seen the first official pictures of the new Ford Ka and Honda Jazz, which are both due to go on sale later this year. Click on the links below to read the full stories.

Ford Ka

Honda Jazz

What Car? TV: British Motor Show diary room
Set up in the back of a black cab, the What Car? British Motor Show video diary room is certainly producing some memorable comments. Click here to enjoy all the fun and games.

Driven: new BMW 7 Series
Find out our intial impressions of the new BMW 7 Series by clicking here.

New BMW 1 Series engines
Two new green engines have been added to the 1 Series range. For details, click here.

Are electric cars the answer?
What Car? took to the streets of London in four examples to find out. Click here to read the feature.

The Police go electric
Law enforcers in Sussex are trialling a 28mph electric car. Why? Click here to find out!

Audi A4 and A5 engine changes
Buyers of the Audi A4 and A5 can now choose from a revised range of engines. Click here for all the details.

Parking wardens get new powers
You'd better watch out, as traffic wardens have been granted new powers. Click here to read more.

Brits abroad face speed camera detector fines
British drivers on holiday abroad are being warned they could be fined if they use speed camera-detection equipment. Click here to find out where and why.

Ford fights cat crime
The theft of catalytic converters is reaching epidemic levels according to the police. Now, Ford is fighting back. Click here to read the full story.

North-south divide over road death rates
Death rates on UK roads have fallen to an all-time low – despite marked rises in several southern towns. Click here to find out why.

Car cloners target prestige cars
Own or thinking of buying a Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, Audi TT or BMW 3 Series? Click heret o find out why you should be wary of cloned cars.

More obey 30mph limits
More drivers are obeying 30mph limits than ever before – but theorists suggest it's not because we're becoming more law-abiding. Click here to discover the real reasons why.

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