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Cute eco city car
Name: Barbara: Wright
Age: 52
Drives: Fiat Punto
Budget: £10,000
Wants: 'A small, eco-friendly car that looks cute.

I only drive in town most of the time, so a small petrol engin will be fine. Air-con and and an iPod connector would be nice.'

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Fiat 500 1.2 Stop&Start
Price: £9700
Target Price: £9700

Fiat recently fitted a stop/start system to its funky 500. The result? More miles per gallon and less CO2.

It's pricier than the standard model but gets extras such as air-con and a USB port for music lovers.


FORD Fiesta 1.25i 82 Zetec 3dr, '09/58
Price: £10,000

Prices of our favourite supermini and current What Car? Car of the Year have fallen below £10k.

It isn't as green as the Fiat, but it is much more practical than both and has air-con and a USB port.


Mini One 1.4 Pepper Pack, '07/07
Price: £9550

It's hugely desirable, so should hold its value better than the Ford or Fiat. The Mini isn't big, but it is fairly green, emitting only 128g/km of CO2.

Pepper Pack models come with air-con and a USB port.


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