Our cars: Seat Alhambra - December

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Seat Alhambra
Seat Alhambra
Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI CR 170 SE Lux DSG

Week ending December 23
Mileage: 24,000
Driven this week: 500

The big Seat has joined several other members of the What Car? test fleet in changing its tyres for the winter weather, but unlike some of the other London-based cars, it has already had a chance to test them out.

A photoshoot in Wales provided an early opportunity to drive the Alhambra on cold and snowy roads and to do so back to back with a BMW X3 on normal rubber.

Granted, it was more a dusting of the white stuff that had only dared to venture onto the tarmac in places rather than six inches of fresh powder, but the difference was still noticeable.

While the BMW had the occasional brief moment of uncertainty, the Seat remained composed throughout. Our tyres were fitted through Seat’s own in-house winter scheme, at a cost of £123.72 per corner. The fitting costs differ from dealer to dealer, but Seat assures us it should never be more than ‘a few pounds per wheel’.

As it stands, we are well prepared for the winter now, and secretly hoping for a more thorough covering of the white stuff to test the tyres further.


Week ending December 9
Mileage: 22,770
Driven this week: 280 miles

The big Seat has been on family ferrying duty this week, and has been transporting publisher Rob’s kids and their friends for a big birthday weekend.

While Rob’s youngest was safely tucked up in a child seat, the young family friends came without their own boosters, which are required by law until they reach 12 years old or 135cm tall.

Normally this would be a problem, but the Alhambra’s integral booster seats meant that everyone was able to travel with ease.

Rob was delighted with the setup, and described the arrangement as being hugely convenient, especially if you are swapping people in and out of the car on a regular basis.

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