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Audi Q3
Audi Q3
Audi Q3 2.0 TDI 140 S line

Week ending 14 December
Current mileage 9765
Driven this week 709

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Driving home late one night this week, I decided to see how economical the Q3 could be.

After 17 miles of urban roads and dual carriageways, the trip computer was reading almost 62mpg. That’s mightily impressive for an SUV, especially considering I was driving at a decent pace, and the air-conditioning and heated seats were on.

You’ll buy a Q3 for the way it looks, how it drives and what it says about you, but a strong, refined and above all economical diesel engine is another big plus.


Week ending December 7
Mileage: 9056
Mileage this week: 580

The praise continues for my Q3. Something my previous long-termer, a Seat Alhambra, was exceptionally good at was long-distance journeys. As a result, the replacement had a lot to live up to.

Okay, the Q3 can’t compete with the Alhambra for space, but a recent 450-mile round trip to Newtown, Shropshire, really demonstrated what a capable car the Audi is.

The journey consisted of almost every type of road you can throw at a car in the UK: motorways and A-roads, twisting B-roads and then narrow country tracks.

It came as no surprise that the Q3 made light work of the entire trip. Motorway refinement is excellent, and after several hours I couldn’t complain of any aches or pains.

The tall driving position is similar to the Alhambra, so all-round visibility is excellent, and it averaged an impressive 41mpg throughout the trip, despite being fully laden with all my kit.


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