Exclusive Vauxhall Ampera preview

  • See the car of the future
  • Years ahead of its launch
  • Join our reader test team
Vauxhall Ampera
Vauxhall Ampera
How do you fancy being one of the first people in the world to touch the future of motoring? That’s what you’ll get at our exclusive preview of the futuristic Vauxhall Ampera.

What Car? is offering six readers the chance to get inside General Motors’ vision of the future in an event to be held in Bedfordshire on Wednesday, June 10. You’ll get to poke, prod and examine the Ampera in great detail, and find out the thinking behind the whole ‘Extended-Range Electric Vehicle’ concept years before it goes on sale in 2012.

The preview will take place from 2-4pm, and if you would like to take part, register your interest by clicking here readertestteam@haynet.com by midnight, Sunday, May 31, including the following info: where you’ll be travelling from on the day, your mobile number, what car you currently drive, and a few lines on why you’re interested in seeing the Ampera.

If you’re planning to keep using a car well into the next decade, you can’t afford to miss this!

We’ll be asking you for your views on the design, ergonomics and specification of the car – your comments will be published in What Car? magazine, along with photos we’ll take of you with the cars. You’ll also be asked to speak briefly on camera for footage at Whatcar.com. (Please note that this is a static viewing of the Ampera – you won’t be able to drive it at this event.)

We’ll get in touch on Tuesday, June 2 if your application has been successful, with further details of the event.

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