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Winner Jaguar XF
1 Jaguar XF
Overall ranking 2nd
The Jaguar XF hasn’t just caught up with its BMW and Mercedes rivals in this year’s survey, it’s sprinted straight past them.

In fact, the Jag is one of the biggest climbers in the survey as a whole, leaping from 17th in 2011 to second place overall this year. This isn’t a huge surprise – it’s merely a repeat of its 2010 performance.

The results show once again the benefit of a classy interior when it comes to pleasing an executive-car buyer. The interior materials, and especially the seats, were praised; owners said that they conveyed a feeling of real quality. An equally attractive dashboard and the quietness of the interior were also highly rated. XF owners sang the praises of the exterior styling, particularly the side profile, and the way the car accelerated.

It’s worth noting that the recently launched 2.2-litre diesel model is too new to have featured in this year’s survey, so all XF owners based their observations on the more powerful 3.0-litre V6 diesel. This also accounts for the one area in which the XF was rated below average for its class: fuel economy. The costs of insurance, servicing and repairs were all deemed favourable, however.

Other aspects of the Jaguar’s ownership experience got the thumbs up, with the vehicle collection and overall servicing experience rating far above the likes of Audi and BMW.

There weren’t many problems reported with the XF, but some drivers did note issues with starting the engine and a few more than average had niggles with the side windows.

Uneven tyre wear was also mentioned by a few owners, but none of these complications was enough to dent an otherwise glowing report.

JD Power 20122 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Overall 5th
The E-Class ran the Jag very close in both its class and the overall table, earning almost unanimous praise from owners for its running costs. A couple of niggles with the satellite-navigation and stereo prevented it from climbing any higher.

JD Power 20123 Audi A6,RS6,S6,Allroad quattro
Overall 29th=
Generally strong reliability and exterior and interior styling weren’t enough to boost Audi’s performance in this year’s survey. Some niggles were reported with door panels and uneven tyre wear.

JD Power 20124= BMW 5 Series
Overall 32nd=
Last year’s joint winner in the executive car class slipped up dramatically, falling to the bottom of the category. A large proportion of owners were irritated by small problems; moving floor mats and malfunctioning cupholders being identified as the worst culprits. There was some good news for the BMW, though; in the area of fuel economy, owners were the happiest in this class.

JD Power 20124= Volvo V70
Overall 32nd=
Volvo V70 owners reported a below-average number of problems in almost every area, although a few more than the norm had to deal with a ‘check engine’ warning light. Insurance, fuel and servicing costs were the biggest letdown.

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JD Power 2012

JD Power 2012Case study
Name Don Moore
Age 49
Job Telecoms consultant
Lives Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
Model 2.7D V6 Premium Luxury
Miles with car 26,000

‘I bought my XF nearly four years ago, and I look forward to every minute I’m in it. It has a solid, quality feel about it, even down to the remote key, which has an unbelievable range. The fuel consumption for a car this big still amazes me. I get a minimum of 35mpg, and that’s driving it quickly when I can. It covers motorways effortlessly, yet on a twisty road it feels like a sports car. I can’t see me ever wanting to own anything else.'

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