Car Security Awards 2008 - Family car

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1st: Citroen C5 Exclusive
Price from £19,995
Theft of
Theft from
The previous C5 family car from Citroen did well, but the latest version is doing even better and going straight in at the number one spot in its first outing.

Laminated glazing and an effective alarm give this Exclusive-trim version a slightly better result than the rest of the models in the range.

All told, the C5 Exclusive gets the top five star rating in both the Theft From and Theft Of categories.

2nd: Peugeot 407 GT
Price from £21,495
A close second, with a few marks dropped as the alarm has no tilt sensor, which detects movement if a car is being craned onto a lorry, for example.

3rd: Volkswagen Passat
Price from £15,835
The Passat does especially well on additional security features. The rear seats, for instance, can be locked, which makes the boot far more secure.

Car Security Awards 2008 - Compact executive


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