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These iPhone apps will help you locate petrol stations, find the cheapest fuel and even teach you how to save fuel while you drive.

Petrolprices Pro
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Cost £2.99
Size 1.1mb

What is it? This is the app version of UK fuel price site Petrolprices.com.

How does it work? The app will find the cheapest petrol closest to your current location. The app calls on data from 11,000 petrol stations, with prices updated Monday to Friday. Data is also available for alternative fuels such as LPG and LRP.

Verdict Petrolprices Pro is a reliable app that delivers genuine, up-to-date prices. It's easy to use and is especially useful for hopping off the motorway to avoid paying inflated service station prices. The £2.99 purchase cost will soon be reimbursed by the savings you'll make.

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Price Free
Size 4.5mb

What is it? DriveGain is a free app that's designed to help you drive more efficiently and therefore save fuel.

How does it work? Once you've entered the make and model of your car, the app uses the phone's internal tools to measure fuel economy, your speed and miles covered. It will also give you a journey score from 1-100; the higher the score, the more efficiently you're driving. You can even upload your trips to DriveGain's website, allowing you to evaluate performance over an extended period of time.

Verdict? We tested the app over two laps of a route and managed to improve our journey score from 76 to 90, and to boost our fuel consumption from 36.4mpg to 40.1mpg. The figures might be estimations, but it's a useful tool that will help you drive in a more efficient manner and allow you to compare your performance on frequent jouneys, such as your drive to work. It's a useful app that could save you up to £170 a year in fuel, according to its makers.

Gas Stations
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Size 4.0mb

What is it:? Gas Finder locates the closest petrol station to your current location – and despite the Americanised name, it has full coverage of the UK.

How does it work? The user has the option of using their current location as the search point, or they can enter an point on a map. A list of the closest petrol stations is then displayed. Clicking through to fuel stations provides a wealth of information, from directions to reviews and nearby amenities such as restaurants and shops.

Verdict A useful app that does exactly what it says. This is an excellent addition for anyone who travels regularly.

Driving apps for iPhone reviewed - learn to drive


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