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Toys from your iPhone for the grown-ups in the front and kids in the back.

Aston Martin Experience
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Cost £3.99
Size 121mb

What is it? A multi-faceted homage to all things Aston Martin. The Experience app brings together a feast of features such as the best driving roads near you, Aston Martin sounds, G-Force telemetry reading for your car, and a video function complete with an Aston speedo to record your journey.

How does it work? Simply mount it in your car and explore the interactive features. Away from your car you can watch videos, read the latest news and generally indulge yourself in Aston fantasies.

Verdict We were really excited by the prospect of testing this app, but the reality left us feeling decidedly flat. The accelerator function, where you can replicate the sound of revving various Aston engines by shaking the phone, just didn't work and while the interactive telemetry display is quite interesting, it isn't enough to justify the price. The video function with speedo overlay is too hard to read against many backgrounds (unless you happen to be driving across a flat midwestern prairie with a perfect blue sky). There are alot of features, but quantity definitely outstrips quality.

Toyota Backseat Driver
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Cost Free
Size 11.9mb

What is it? A game to keep the kids happy on those long car trips.

How does it work? Toyota's Backseat Driver app lets the little ones drive their own Mama car, steering it by twisting the iPhone to the left or right. They can score points by picking up items that fall from the Papa car they're following. When they have enough points, they can take Mama car to the garage for a new paintjob or other modifications.

Verdict This game has an almost hypnotic appeal. The gentle animation will keep the kids hooked for hours. The accompanying audio could, however, result in you involuntarily throwing your extremely expensive phone out of the window.

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