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Q: I drive a Ford Focus, but am looking for something of a similar size with a higher driving position. Any ideas?
Tina Heath

A: There are some similar-sized cars that have loftier driving positions. Probably the best is the Nissan Qashqai. It has the looks of a small 4x4, but is great on the road, practical and excellent value for money.

Prices start at £13,699 (£13,023 if you're prepared to haggle) for the 1.6 Visia 2WD. It's our favourite model and comes with plenty of kit, including air-conditioning, four electric windows, a CD player and curtain airbags.

Other options around the same price as a Focus include the Mercedes A-Class and small MPVs, such as the Ford C-Max.

The Mercedes offers a bit more prestige from £13,892, but the base models aren't well equipped, and the A-Class doesn't offer the same value for money as the Nissan.

If you'll make use of some extra space and versatility, the Ford C-Max is worth a look. Prices start at £12,995, but you'll get a fair amount off that price if you haggle.

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