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Double dealing
The engine warning light on William Bell’s VW Golf came on. One franchised dealer charged £317 to investigate, then advised William to take his car to the dealer he bought it from and ask for a goodwill gesture. The second dealer charged £50 for its own checks before making a diagnosis. Was this second inspection (and bill) necessary?

The second dealer was entitled to charge for the checks, but one main dealer’s standards should match another’s. A phone call between service departments would have avoided the expense of a second round of checks.

Losing Focus
Almost a year ago, Robert Muir’s daughter bought a used Ford Focus ST from a small independent dealer. After various problems, she has lost faith in the car and no longer uses it. What can she do?

Not using the car isn’t wise. Either the dealer should be persuaded – by legal means if necessary – that the car isn’t of satisfactory quality, or she should fix and sell the car if she no longer wants it.

Chain fail
Roy Gardner complained that his Mini’s engine was making a rattling noise at its last service. The dealer found nothing amiss. Six months later – now out of warranty – the timing chain has failed. Can Roy get any compensation?

If there’s a written record of Roy asking the dealer to look into the noise within the warranty period, then he should push for a contribution to his costs.

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