Euro NCAP safety latest - Hyundai i30

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Hyundai i30
Adult Occupant Five stars
Child Occupant Four stars
Pedestrian Two stars

Front impact
The passenger compartment did not deform, but despite improvements made for this retest, the I30 still suffered with regards to leg protection. The steering column still offered a hazard to the upper legs of drivers of different sizes and/or sitting in different positions. The improvements, however, helped the i30 Improve It score for torso protection.

Child protection
The passenger airbag can be disabled to allow the use of a rearward-facing child seat, but information to the user on whether the airbag was on or off was insufficiently clear. Information on why the airbag needs to be turned off was only visible when the passenger’s sun visor was not in use.

The presence of ISOFIX mountings in the rear seats was not clearly marked.

Pedestrian protection
Protection for a child’s head was predominantly fair, but protection for an adult’s head was poor, as was protection from the front edge of the bonnet.

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