Hyundai Santa Fe News

Seat Alhambra, What Car?'s favourite seven-seater
Dec 26, 2015
There's a variety of 7 seater cars to choose from on the market. Whether you're looking for one to carry seven on a regular basis or more of a part-time seven-seater, check out our guide to the ones to go for and the ones to avoid.
Nov 11, 2015
What Car? chooses the best 4x4s on the used market. Here's what you need to know about our favourite large SUVs
Jul 5, 2015
Can the new Kia Sorento beat the best seven-seater SUVs, including the new Land Rover Discovery Sport?
Apr 17, 2015
All sizes of car have decent discounts in this week's deals but the savings on large SUVs are particularly impressive
Dec 19, 2014
Our weekly deals round-up includes savings on the BMW X3, Nissan X-Trail, Range Rover Evoque and Hyundai Santa Fe.
Nov 8, 2014
Versatility, comfort and value. These SUVs need to seat seven on occasion, but be the ultimate family car the rest of the time.
Sep 24, 2014
  •  Save nearly £3000 off the Hyundai Santa Fe
  •  Seven-seat practicality with four-wheel-drive versatility
  •  Entry-level cars still get loads of standard kit
Sep 22, 2014
  •  The best used SUVs and 4x4s to fit your budget
  •  13 great family vehicles...
  •  ... plus three to avoid
Sep 2, 2014
The new Land Rover Discovery Sport gets seven seats, so faces a different set of rivals from its Freelander predecessor. Here is what it needs to beat.
Aug 29, 2014
The Lexus iS300h is a mixed bag, the Skoda Octavia is a good all-rounder, the Mitsubishi Outlander faces family life and it's farewell to our Hyundai Santa fe