In-car audio: Jaguar XF - Introduction

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We've teamed up with our colleagues at What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Ultimate Guides, to bring you a series of features reviewing the best in-car audio systems.

There's no better car to start with than our current Car of the Year, the Jaguar XF.

It is cutting edge in just about every aspect, and that includes its scintillating Bowers and Wilkins hi-fi.

Terrific bass, fine imaging and real character; superb to use; DAB and iPod options included in the purchase price

Assuming you can afford the car, nothing at all

You absolutely must make sure you get your XF with these speakers fitted

If your first reaction to the notion of high-end hi-fi in a car is a dismissive one, think again.

There are plenty of premium hi-fi brands with a foothold in the automotive market, including such luminaries as Bang & Olufsen (Audi), Naim (Bentley) and, as in this Jaguar, Bowers and Wilkins.

The cynical could attempt to paint this as a marketing exercise, but in practice, it makes plenty of sense.

Just think about how many hours you actually spend in a car. That's why it makes sense to have a decent hi-fi onboard: there's every chance you might be listening to it more than your home system, at least during the week.

In-car audio: Jaguar XF - Plenty of speakers, lots of power


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