Driven and reviewed: Ferrari California - Introduction

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  • Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo's views
  • Our driving impressions
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On sale Spring
You'll like Just about all of it
You won't Really, we'd be nit-picking
What Car? says The most complete Ferrari ever

On the face of it, the California is simply a fourth string to Ferrari's bow; a car that will allow the company to expand sales to 7000 a year without having to increase production of the current models and threaten their prized exclusivity.

In reality, it's much more significant than that. The California is the first of the new-age Ferraris: a car that slashes CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, that's more usable than anything the company has previously produced and one that will have a far broader appeal - especially to women.

Driven and reviewed: Ferrari California - A series of firsts


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