Golf GTI: used car buying guide - Introduction

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Looking for a used '05-'08 Golf GTI? Then don't hit the classifieds or forecourt before you've read our Golf GTI used car buyer's guide.

For: Golf GTI is quick, stunning to drive and well built. You even get five useable seats and decent boot space.

Against: Pricier than rivals, and insurance costs aren't going to be cheap, either.

This iconic hot hatch is a used bargain. It's a joy to drive, reliable and practical – what more could you want?

What Car? used car editor Matt Sanger says…

'Car supermarkets stock a surprisingly good selection of well-priced cars – but beware: some will be grey imports, and naturally worth less than a UK car.

Avoid cars that have been modified or altered. Engine enhancements, non-standard body kits and bigger wheels may invalidate your insurance if you don't tell your insurance company.'

What Car? Says

Go for… 2.0 T-FSI GTI

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Golf GTI: used car buying guide - What's it like?


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