Digital radio – the future? - Introduction

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  • French commit to 2013 date for cars
  • UK Government fully supportive, too
  • Some believe demand is not there
The French have passed a law requiring every new car sold in the country is to be fitted with digital radio by 2013 in a bold move that will eventually result in the whole nation converting to digital.

In the UK, the picture – or reception – isn't quite so clear. Unlike digital television, radio has no official switchover date in Britain.

What we do have is the Government's 'Digital Britain interim report', published in January, which sets out plans for the future of digital radio.

The Government has put its full weight behind DAB radio, which broadcasts content via a network of terrestrial transmitters, but it will push for a full migration to digital radio only when:

  • 50% of radio listening is via digital platforms

  • National DAB coverage is comparable to FM coverage

  • Local DAB reaches 90% saturation of population coverage

  • Importantly for car-buyers, all major roads have full coverage.

Digital radio – the future? - So when will we switch?


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