What Car? Reader Awards 2009 - Introduction

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What Car? readers deliver their verdict
What Car? readers deliver their verdict
When people are trying to choose a new car, they'll check out road tests in magazines, compare prices online, venture into dealerships for test drives – and they'll ask their friends what they think.

That's where the What Car? family is unsurpassed, because not only can we offer clear, unbiased, scientifically conducted tests, we've also got more than 20,000 friends with experiences of what cars are like to own.

That's why we're able to name the best (and worst) cars to own, because the votes have been cast by everyday motorists – just like you.

How we did it
You're a massive team of real-world road testers that has left 20,000 reviews on whatcar.com, covering 52 makes and 388 models. We've left out reviews of cars that are no longer on sale and those that have fewer than 10 reviews. Even so, we're still left with reviews of 207 models from 40 manufacturers in every category, from superminis to sports cars.

In each class, we've ranked the cars by their average star rating out of five, in order of most to least popular. The difference between some category winners and losers is sometimes slight, but although some of their positions in the tables are what you may have expected, others are sure to raise an eyebrow or two.

If you haven't had your say, simply go to whatcar.com and add your own reader review. The more verdicts we have from real owners like you, the more invaluable our bank of real-world reviews will become and the more models we can include next year.
Thanks for taking part – and for being part of the What Car? family.

What Car? Reader Awards 2009 - Superminis


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