Petrol or diesel - which is cheaper? - Introduction

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Diesel or petrol?
Diesel or petrol?
Choosing which fuel is right for you isn’t just about economy. There are other costs and your driving style to consider. Our experts explain

It’s one of the eternal dilemmas for car buyers: do I go for a petrol-powered car or a diesel one? People often make wrong assumptions about the differences between the two, namely that diesel drivers save a packet at the pump, but petrol drivers have more fun. This isn’t necessarily the case, and your ideal car choice depends on your individual circumstances and preferences.

For instance, you might find you prefer the way a diesel delivers its performance, and while a petrol car might have worse fuel economy than its diesel equivalent, it might actually still end up being cheaper to own over three years2.


Petrol vs diesel savings
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Petrol or diesel - which is cheaper? - Which is cheaper?


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