The big interview: Carlos Ghosn - Introduction

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  • Renault-Nissan Alliance boss
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Carlos Ghosn
Carlos Ghosn
In the first of a series of interviews with big hitters from the car industry, talks to Carlos Ghosn.

The big interview: Carlos Ghosn

Job Carlos Ghosn is chairman and chief executive officer of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

The story so far There are many highlights on Carlos Ghosn's CV, including an 18-year stint at Michelin, but it's his ability to restructure and revitalise organisations that has made him a global figure with extraordinary reach in the business world.

He joined the Renault-Nissan Alliance as chief operating officer of Nissan in June 1999 and was appointed chief executive officer two years later.

In May 2005, he was made chief executive of Renault, and then chairman in 2009.

This impressive rise mean he's now the head of two companies with a combined workforce of 350,000 employees, revenue of $135 billion (£90 billion) and global sales of 6.1 million vehicles in 2009 – making the Renault-Nissan Alliance fourth among global car makers.

The big interview: Carlos Ghosn - The big interview


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