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Skoda Yeti touch-screen
Skoda Yeti touch-screen
Week ending July 22
Mileage 8610
Driven this week 121 miles
I’ve averaged 30.8mpg over the past year with my Yeti. That might not sound brilliant (it averages 44.1mpg officially), but it’s an impressive real-world result because most of my driving is done in heavy London traffic. The official urban figure isn’t much more, at 37.2mpg.

Week ending July 22
Mileage 8489
Driven this week 117 miles

The Yeti’s variable loadbay (£140) doubled up as a handy baby-changing table this week when my four-month-old and I were caught out while shopping in a rather chi-chi – and not very child-friendly – part of West London. In its raised position the variable floor creates a flat loadbay at the height of the Yeti’s load lip so the baby was safe (he’s not rolling yet) and I didn’t have to bend down uncomfortably to reach him. It was pouring with rain at the time but the baby seemed oblivious as the Yeti’s rear door provided plenty of cover from the elements.

Week ending July 15
Mileage 8372
Driven this week 145 miles

The Yeti’s touch-screen display may help to limit the number of buttons on the dashboard, and it looks pleasingly high-tech, but I find it frustrating to use. The virtual buttons rarely seem sensitive enough to respond to a brief, light touch; I have to deliberately hold my finger firmly in situ for half a second for a reliable hit, which is really difficult on the screen’s super-smooth surface while you’re driving along. What’s more, because I can’t rely on feel to know that I’ve selected the right button and successfully engaged it, I find I take my eyes off the road more than I’d like to operate the system. I like the simple look of the dash so I wouldn’t necessarily want a sea of buttons instead, but their sensitivity could be improved.

Week ending July 8
Mileage 8227
Driven this week 119 miles

Family car salesmen can only dream of setting up shop in a maternity hospital car park. I've made a few trips to mine recently and more often than not I've been accosted by a new or prospective parent wanting to have a look round my Yeti. They're most keen to see the boot and are always pleasantly surprised - and that includes the new dad of twins whose mother-in-law wants a car that will take both babies and their double buggy but which is compact enough to park in London and doesn't require her to bend down far to get the kids installed. He hadn't seen a Yeti properly before but was sold after just a quick look at my car.

Week ending July 1
Mileage 8108
Driven this week 79 miles

When I removed the rear headrest to fit my toddler’s child seat, I was frustrated to find that the head rest is just a bit too big to fit under the Yeti’s variable boot floor – I wanted to keep it here so it was with the car in case I needed to use or find it in a hurry, but it was out of the way and kept the boot floor clear for the buggy. However, it turns out that the headrest sits very neatly out of the way on the rail above each of the boot cubbies. Phew.


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