Our cars: Infiniti M30d - July

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Infiniti clock
Infiniti clock
Infiniti M30d GT Premium

Week ending July 22
Mileage 14,010
Miles this week 100

The Infiniti has developed a rattle. It's hard to pinpoint, but I think it is coming from the passenger-side dashboard. I guess that a rattle in a refined cruiser such as the M will be even more apparent.

Interestingly, Stan Papoir from our sister title Autocar also runs an Infiniti M and he's noticed a rattle coming from the same area in his M.

It's getting annoying enough to warrant a phone call to the service department at nearest dealership in Reading.


Week ending July 8
Mileage 13,910
Miles this week 160

What do you think of analogue clocks in cars? The Infiniti has one just underneath the sat-nav unit (which has a digital clock) and I think it’s a rather contrived way to convey a feeling a quality in the cabin, rather than to actually show the time. A quick straw poll round our office seems to back this up. Let me know your views.

Week ending July 8
Mileage 13,750
Miles this week 250

Video editor Peter Brown had the Infiniti over the weekend and reported back that the Brown family were happily surprised with the M's family-carrying capabilities during a trip to Suffolk.
One issue he did highlight was that baby Braedan Brown was relegated to the thin middle seat of the M because the older children found it too hard.
It's designed as an occasional-use fifth seat so that's no great surprise. I've only ever had two in the back so it has never really been a problem. For a four-seat motorway cruiser there are few cars as comfy as our M.

Week ending July 1
Mileage 13,500
Miles driven this week 250
I’m keeping the M in eco mode – but not to save fuel. In standard mode, especially when it’s cold, the gearbox holds on to low gears. I’ve tried to manually shift up, but the auto ’box refuses. In eco mode, though, the revs are kept lower.

Week ending June 24
Mileage 13,300
Driven this week 50 miles

The Infinti's stereo is impressive. The Bose Surround Sound system, with its 16 speakers dotted around the cabin – including speakers on the front seats - gives a rewarding, rich listening experience.

However, this is spoiled somewhat by tuning into AM radio to catch up on news and traffic reports on my drive home. It's odd that DAB radio has penetrated mass market brands such as Ford and Vauxhall, but the technology has yet to take hold in the executive car class.

DAB is supposed to be standard in all new cars by 2013, but it's a shame to have to put up with that AM hiss until then when the stereo is so good on all other channels.

Our cars: Infiniti M30d - June


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