Our Cars: Nissan Juke - July

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Nissan Juke 1.5 dCi Acenta (Sport Pack)

Week ending July 29
Mileage 9000
Mileage this week 600

The Juke’s centre console is certainly highly stylised, but after living with it for the past five months, I’m unsure whether I actually like it or not.

Let’s start with the good bits. In the bottom half of the console you can tweak setup and menu settings in D-Mode and the cabin temperature in climate mode. It’s also easy to navigate and isn’t short on features. Some of them might be a bit gimmicky (the g-meter springs to mind), but there are some nice safety touches. For instance, you can’t fiddle with the menu settings when you’re on the move because the screen goes white and the scroll function is disabled. So there’s no way you can be distracted.

However, I think the top half of the console is an entirely different kettle of fish. The Juke is supposed to appeal to younger car buyers, but the screen looks decidedly old-fashioned. It does the job, but sticks out like a record player at an iPod convention: it looks like it belongs in a much older car.

Longer song titles from my MP3 player don’t scroll across the screen, either, which means I only ever know half of the name of whatever I’m listening to. The screen’s small size also means you can’t see as many menu options in one go.

These irritations might sound a bit trite, but believe me, when you spend the thick end of three hours commuting most days, such little things add up.


Week ending July 22
Mileage 8400
Mileage this week 650

It looks like I’ve found something the Juke’s boot can’t deal with: a tomato plant.

My mum had a few spare ones, so I thought I’d take three off her hands. The two smaller plants just about sneaked in underneath the parcel shelf with the boot-lid closed. Yet the largest one – at just under two-feet tall – was just too big to fit in.

The only other place I could put it was in the foot space behind the driver’s seat – there wasn’t quite enough room behind the front passenger seat, unless the front passenger wanted to sit with their knees up by their ears.


Week ending July 8
Mileage 7100
Driven this week 600

On the few occasions that I’ve had to use the Juke’s wipers to clear rainwater off the windscreen, I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed with them.

Some cars I’ve had have wipers that judder their way across the glass and so leave marks on the screen – but the Juke’s clear my view brilliantly.

Also, when you put the wipers on intermittent, you can adjust how frequently you want them to work: perfect for the varying intensities of rain we get.

The only problem is that I haven’t figured out yet how you can bend them away from the screen to clean underneath them without having to hold them up, as the bonnet gets in the way.


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