Our cars: Nissan Leaf - July

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Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

Week ending July 20
Mileage 4439
Driven this week: 68 miles

Nissan Leaf review

You'll notice from the picture that the Leaf has two clocks – one on the all-singing infotainment display (bottom left) and one on the instrument display behind the steering wheel (top right). The question is, why do you need two, especially when they're so close to one another?

You'll also notice that one of the clocks is four minutes behind the other. That's a bit ironic, really. The Nissan Leaf is supposed to be packed with the latest groundbreaking technology, but it seems that technology doesn't extend to making the two clocks show the same time.


Week ending July 13
Mileage 4371
Driven this week: 36 miles

The more I drive the Leaf, the more I think it's like driving a mobile video game. You get loads of flashing lights, beeps and chimes when you turn it on. Then, there are all the various graphic displays, of course, and I love the way you can grow 'trees' as you drive - the more economical you are, the faster the forest grows.

Above all, I enjoy seeing what combination of things turned on or off gives me a longer (battery) life. Last night, for example, I earned a little extra life for turning off the radio - although I'm always happy to switch off The Archers - but gained an extra 17 miles by turning off the car's climate control.

Instead I used the integrated manual air-conditioning system - or 'the windows operating system', as I like to refer to it!


Week ending July 6
Mileage 4371
Driven this week: 33 miles

Nissan Leaf review

Our Leaf's cabin - like every other Leaf in the UK - has an interior that's a vision of beige velour and plastic. It gives a light, airy feel, but it's safe to say that it's not to all tastes. At the moment, it's the only interior trim colour available and there are only five exterior colours to choose from.

All that will change in early 2013, when production of European Leaf models moves to Nissan's Sunderland factory. Thanks to more localised production, buyers will be able to order their Leaf in a choice of trims, and with a wider range of interior and exterior colours.

I think it'll help to give the Leaf extra showroom appeal. These days, buyers expect to be able to personalise their car to suit their own tastes, as witnessed by the huge range of trim options available for most models.


Our cars: Nissan Leaf - June


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