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Honda Civic
Honda Civic
Honda Civic 2.2 i-DTEC ES

Week ending July 27
Mileage 8421
Driven this week: 581 miles

Honda Civic review

Mega miles in the Civic this week, with a trip to the West Country for family and wedding duties last weekend.

The 250-mile return leg, from Fowey, Cornwall to Hove, East Sussex proved nowhere near as arduous as I though it would, and much of that was due to the Civic's abilities as a relaxed cruiser.

Crucially, I find the driver's seat very comfortable. Unlike those in many rivals, the Civic's seat is soft and squidgy, which allows you to shift around subtly and help to stop your legs and posterior getting numb.

The central and door armrests are in just the right place for me, too, which seems to reduce the tension that I often feel in my neck and shoulders on a long drive.

Tall gearing and a strong engine means the Civic is pulling low revs at high speed, so the motorway stretches of the journey were pretty effortless.

The trip took in plenty of familiar twisty Devon country roads, too, and on these the Civic felt grippy and well controlled.


Leo's Honda Civic on video

Week ending July 20
Mileage 7840
Driven this week: 952 miles

I had our Honda Civic for the weekend and was impressed by how comfortable it was when taking my family – three adults and two teenagers – to Heathrow airport.

There's loads of space in the rear for long legs and the front seats are supportive and comfortable.

The biggest surprise is in the boot, which has a hidden compartment below the main floor. This adds another three inches to its depth, which proved handy for three suitcases and extra bags.

A few of my workmates have complained about the Civic's ride, but there were no grumbles from me or my passengers – we found it smooth and refined on all road surfaces. I'll be having a go in this car again.


Week ending July 13
Mileage 6888
Driven this week: 240 miles

Other than throwing stuff into the boot, I've made very little of the Civic's excellent practicality so far. In particular, I've had no use for the 'Magic Seat' function, where the rear seat bases flip up like a cinema seat's to create a large open space behind the front seats.

Until recently, that is. Due to the 'changeable' nature of the weather this summer, a pleasant walk in the countryside turned into a battle against raging winds and drenching drizzle. It looked like changing into - and out of - walking gear would mean perching on the edge of the boot being buffeted by wind and rain, until I realised there was a better option.

With the larger section of the seat base flipped up, you can sit on the smaller part, with loads of space around you to get changed in the warm and dry. It's like a mobile changing room, in fact. Brilliant.


Week ending July 6
Mileage 6648
Driven this week: 188 miles

I borrowed the Civic for the first time this week and came away with mixed feelings.

It's a sharp-looking thing, inside and out, the diesel engine is smooth and the boot is large and well shaped.

Driving in the rain at night highlighted a couple of flaws, though. Rear visibility is poor due to the two-part rear screen, and the wiper on the top part doesn't clear enough glass to be really useful. The many instrument displays also reflect badly in the windscreen.

When you often drive late at night and live in a country where it rains a lot, this is far from ideal.


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