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  • Ford Focus ST with Fiesta ST Mountune

    Ford Focus ST with Fiesta ST Mountune

  • Our Focus ST with the Ford Focus ST Mountune

    Our Focus ST with the Ford Focus ST Mountune


Ford Focus ST-2

Week ending July 26
Mileage 1900
Driven this week 400 miles

Ford Focus ST review

Our Focus ST seems to be a 'mood car'.

Let me explain - how I feel about it largely depends on my frame of mind. The other day was a good case in point. I had a business dinner near Oxford. On the way there I felt fresh and drove the car just as it should be driven – hard and fast. Excellent it was too.

On the way back, though, it was gone midnight, dark and raining and my motorway route home was closed, so I had to make a sizeable detour. At that point the ST's firm ride and notable engine boom at 70-80mph irritated me more than I care to say.

My need to be in bed wasn't exactly the Focus's fault I'll admit, but it did make me think how careful you have to be when buying this sort of hot hatch. It's brilliant in lots of ways but there are some prices to pay for that handling and performance.

By Chas Hallett

Week ending July 19
Mileage 1550
Driven this week 350 miles

The Ford Focus ST is the latest addition to the What Car? fleet, read production editor Euan Doig's introduction to the fast hatchback.

By Euan Doig

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