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Infiniti M30d GT Premium

Week ending June 17
Mileage 13,250
Driven this week 50 miles

I've driven only a few miles in the M30d because we've had its sister car – the M hybrid - in for testing this week.

The M35h is faster and more powerful than the diesel, yet official figures show it's more economical and emits a lot less CO2, making the hybrid far more appealing to company car buyers than the diesel.

You can read the first drive of the M35h here. Wish I'd chosen the hybrid as the long-term test car, not the diesel.

Managing editor Adele Donaghie has been behind the wheel of the M30d this week
There’s a lot of things to like in the Infiniti M. The 3.0-litre V6 delivers lashings of creamy power and is so refined that it’s easy to forget you’re in a diesel.

Inside things are just as sumptuous, where you’re cocooned in leather and wood-trimmed comfort. The cabin seems to cleverly wrap around you so the Infiniti never feels like a particularly big car. Visibility is not something the M excels at, however.

The door mirrors are huge, and loom large through the front windows. The front pillars overly flare at the base. The top of the dash features a very plush but pronounced cowl that eats into your view from the windscreen. And finally those bonnet louvres protrude into your field of vision, which means that you end up with and eyeful of car rather than road (or more worryingly pedestrian or cyclist!).

It’s lucky that there’s plenty of handy electrical seat adjustment – I got very familiar with their function trying to move myself to see around all the obstructions.

Week ending June 10
Mileage: 13,200
Driven this week: 68 miles

I've been in and out of the Infiniti's rivals recently – a BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class – but have struggled adapting to life back in the M.

It's down to the media interface. I've got used to the dial being on the central tunnel between the seats on the German cars, so have been automatically been reaching down to the same place in the Infiniti. Only problem is, that's where you switch driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport, - when I want to change the media screen. The Infiniti's set-up isn't as intuitive as it could be.

Week ending June 3

Mileage: 13,100
Driven this week: 45 miles

I haven't been in the Infiniti that much this week – some colleagues are borrowing it. I hope they don't have any issues with the alarm going off, like I have had recently.

I did get it checked out, but Infiniti couldn't find anything wrong and they gave me a rather manual solution – close off all the air vents at night, which should solve any problems with an overly sensitive motion sensor.

It doesn't seem a particularly 21st century solution, but the alarm hasn't gone off when I've remembered to close the vents.

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