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Land Rover Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 Autobiography

Week ending June 24

Hugh Sleight, brand director at sister title FourFourTwo, borrowed our Range Rover to go camping

Mileage 15,000
Driven this week 300 miles

This week, the Range Rover made a four-year-old cry. It wasn't that it did anything wrong, just that my daughter has grown up with a 2002 Ford Focus. It gets us from A to B, but you wouldn't put it in the luxury class.

The Range Rover, in contrast, has a DVD player.

Yes, the Range Rover is exceptional to drive - a two-hour journey feels like popping down the road and we can fit half the contents of our house into the boot, but those are trivial adult issues: it's the DVD player that really sells it to the under-fours.

For a weekend camping in Sussex in rainy June, it was the perfect companion. Right up until we had to give it back.

Week ending June 17
Mileage 14,800
Driven this week 600 miles

Most of my time in the Rangie this week has been spent on the motorway. When it's midnight and you're tired and there's still 150 miles to go there are few better cars. I just wish I could squeeze more than 400 miles out of a tank. Especially when it costs £115 to fill up.

Week ending June 10
Mileage: 14,200
Driven this week: 200 miles

The Range Rover's fast coming up to its first service. The interval for the new V8 diesel is 16,000 miles which isn’t the longest gap between scheduled pit stops in the business but is a decent distance nonetheless.

Just as well, mind you, as the service is likely to cost me just over £400, assuming there’s no work to be done. I hope that there isn’t. We’ve had a few ‘fails to proceed’ with this car which is not acceptable on an £80,000 machine.

It’s been trouble free for several months now. Let’s hope that it stays that way.

Week ending June 3

Mileage: 13,400
Driven this week: 180 miles

Once again I've been reminded just what a terrific town car the Range Rover is. Yes I understand the perversity of such a comment but hear me out: it’s supremely comfortable, visibility is excellent and the engine and gearbox are great allies for low-speed creeping.

It's also easy to park. Certainly easier than any luxury saloon thanks to being more compact and festooned with parking sensors.

The only downside is that when I am creeping through London the fuel economy always slips to the wrong side of 20mpg.

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