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Week ending June 29
Mileage 4338
Driven this week: 136 miles

Nissan Leaf review

We've been learning all about current affairs this week – in particular how little current has been getting through to the Leaf's batteries when it should have been charging.

We've been having problems with the charging lead for a while, but this week it finally gave up the ghost. Turns out, the heavy weight of the box that is built into the lead has been tugging at the cable while it's been plugged in; and, eventually, that had caused the plastic in the plug that grips the cable to cut its way through the covering of the individual cables inside, exposing the metal wires – and then it all stopped working!

Fortunately, we were able to get a replacement lead free of charge – and the Leaf once again charges as it should – but we shall be watching carefully to guard against any reoccurrence of the problem. Trouble is, the charging post at our office forces the heavy box to dangle unsupported from the plug whenever the car's on charge, placing a lot of force through the point where the plug grips the cable.

Sadly, that wasn't my only brush with the frustrating side of Leaf life this week: in fact, I nearly had an accident joining a dual carriageway, when I came horribly close to pulling into the path of another car. The problem is that the side mirrors are relatively small, and that creates a larger blind spot than I had bargained for.


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