Pressure washer review - Karcher k2.21 Salt Pack

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Karcher k2.21 Salt Pack
Price: £88.67

Ease of use:
Setting up the K2.21 Salt Pack is quick, simple and made even more hassle-free by the clip-and-lock coupling for the hose and trigger – no tools and no brute force required to create watertight connections. It can be up and running within five minutes.

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The Karcher k2.21 Salt Pack comes equipped with a pack of detergent, two nozzles and a chamois leather. The detergent can either be drawn through an external nozzle, or from external tank that attaches to the lance. Delivery and quality of foam is excellent and helps to loosen the effects of a hard winter's road-salt on your car's paintwork.

Despite being such a small machine, it delivers a high-pressure spray that can remove stains from alloys, along with moss and grime from driveways and patios. The compact machine is also light enough to carry around as you spray.

Karcher k2.21 Salt Pack
Max water pressure: 110 Bar
Flow rate: 360 Litres/hr
Motor Power: 1400 Watt
Hose length: 4 metres
There is a holder for the lance, but nowhere for the hose or power cable. Karcher's clever clip-and-lock connections mean the hose can easily be removed to coil and store, but it's not ideal if you're buying with limited storage space in mind.

What Car? says...
At the higher end of the budget market, the Karcher k2.21 Salt Pack is a versatile pressure washer, but its cost and shortage of onboard storage solutions mean it falls short on overall value for money when compared with the Halfords and Hozelock machines.

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