What Car Q&A October 2009 - Mazda metric is driving me crazy

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Confused - like this man?
Confused - like this man?
Mazda metric is driving me crazy
Q) I recently bought a secondhand Mazda 6 and am, generally, very satisfied with it. The one thing that's bugging me is the fuel economy display, which gives a figure in litres per 100 kilometres rather than miles per gallon. I'm currently using 8.4 litres per 100km – is it possible to convert this to mpg?
James Dunn

A) It certainly is. Simply divide the number 282.481 by the litres per 100 kilometres figure, which in this case gives 33.6mpg.

To convert from miles per gallon to litres per 100 kilometres, just divide 282.481 by the miles per gallon figure.

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