What Car? Reader Awards 2010 - MPVs

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Ford C-Max

Ford has just launched an all-new C-Max, and it has a lot to live up to.

The outgoing model has been your favourite MPV for two years now.

Toyota’s Verso also scored well, but you were less than impressed by Peugeot’s ageing 807.

Here's what What Car? magazine readers and whatcar.com users said about the best and worst cars in the MPV category.


The full results are here...

So, have whatcar.com users said about the Ford C-Max and the less-than-loved Peugeot 308.

You said:
Your reader reviews...

‘I’ve had two of these now, and would buy a third, but supply seems to have dried up with the new model imminent.

It’s superb to drive.’
Kevin Jagger 2.0 TDCi 136 Zetec

‘The C-Max has been a revelation, standing up extremely well to the rigors of life with two young children’
Jess Waller 1.6 Style

Worst in class Peugeot 807
‘The 807 could have been brilliant. It’s spacious, refined and has plenty of power. Unfortunately it’s also a masterclass in electrical and mechanical incompetence. Owning the 807 has been like a return to the dark ages. I will never buy a French car again.’
Mark London 2.2 HDi 170 Executive

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