Nissan Leaf News

Oct 29, 2015
How do you find an electric car with the best range? What is the best electric car, and should you switch to one? Here's everything you need to know
Oct 28, 2015
Autonomous concept car showcases latest electric tech - and points to next Leaf's styling
Oct 17, 2015
The Nissan Leaf is the world's best-selling electric car, and this new 30kWh version has a longer 155-mile range. We've been finding out what it's like and what else is new
Sep 23, 2015
Save more than £6100 on the Nissan Leaf Acenta+
Sep 15, 2015
The electric hatchback will have a 155-mile range when it goes on sale in December with a new 30kW battery option
Aug 26, 2015
New plug-in cars that emit 75g/km of CO2 or less will remain eligible for the government's £5000 grant until at least February 2016
Dec 10, 2014
  •  Nissan Leaf Acenta
  •  Save more than £8500, including £5000 government grant
  •  Quiet and response electric motor
Dec 8, 2014
  •  Leaf comes with five-year, 60,000-mile warranty
  •  Price to change outside of warranty is £4920 
  •  Price includes £1000 rebate from Nissan for the old battery
Aug 28, 2014

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a practical SUV with an environmental conscience. Watch our video review to see how successfully it merges these qualities

Jun 12, 2014
Running a company car could prove an expensive business, but not if you pick one of these. All of these cars are exempt from benefit-in-kind tax or are in the lowest band.