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The Nissan Cube would have been more relaxing if it didn't ride so firmly
The Nissan Cube would have been more relaxing if it didn't ride so firmly
Nissan Cube 1.6 Kaizen

Being a car designer requires a vivid imagination, which is why it’s common for them to take inspiration from all sorts of things in life, many of which have nothing to do with cars. Did you know, for example, that the Subaru Impreza’s headlights were inspired by a bird of prey?

Thing is, there’s vivid, and there’s just crazy. It’s obvious that the Cube is the product of some pretty unconventional thinking. However, when you read exactly where the designers’ inspiration came from, you’d think they were a few HBs short of a pencil case.

Take the front end, for example. Nissan says it was designed to look like ‘a bulldog wearing sunglasses’. Hmm. Can’t see it myself, and neither could the legions of people I’ve met who couldn’t wait to pass comment on the Cube. In fact, many reckoned that ‘a bulldog chewing a wasp’ would be more accurate, but I think that’s harsh.

The inspiration for the interior is my personal favourite, though. The curvy shape of the dashboard and door panels is supposed to resemble a jacuzzi, which Nissan says gives the cabin an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Who knows, it might even have worked if the Cube’s firm ride and poor refinement weren’t so completely unrelaxing.

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