Our cars: Infiniti M30d - October

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Infiniti M30d GT Premium

Week ending October 28
Mileage: 20288
Driven this week: 188 miles

Earlier this week, Mazda revealed images of the Takeri concept car. It previews the next 6 family car but to my mind there's more than a hint of Infiniti M to its looks.

The styling of the Infiniti has been split opinions in the office, but I wouldn't go as far as being describing it as a Marmite car - you don't either love it or hate it.

What people have said to me is either they think the swooshy lines are a bit odd or the car looks okay but a bit different. It's not eliciting passionate opinions either way, which, isn't a great compliment when you are asking buyers to pay more than £45,000 for one.

Week ending October 21
Mileage 20,100
Driven this week: 200 miles

I've had the Infiniti almost a year and yet only this week I've used a feature for the first time.

The low morning sun has been getting in my eyes, so I've been using the sun visor a lot more.

If the sun is shining in through the driver's side window, just as in most cars you can unhook the visor in the M and twist it around to cover the top half of the side window.

However, with the Infiniti, the visor actually extends giving greater protection from sunlight. Never noticed that before, but it's a nice touch and very useful.

Week ending October 7
Mileage 19,650
Driven this week: 550 miles

Darker evenings mean I'm seeing, and appreciating, the Infiniti's welcome lights again. As you approach the car, lights in the door handles come on.

It's an apt name, I think – it does feel as though the car is welcoming you in when it's cold and dark outside.

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